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The Change Evolution Academy in collaboration with its partner “The Motiv Innovation Network Group” has developed a unique proposition which ensures that the training we deliver is strategically sustainable within our clients’ organizations. A Change Leadership Train-the-Trainer process frequently forms an integral part of our client-specific methodologies, techniques and processes. The impact of our Innovation Management Training Programme (IMTP) and the Discovery Workshop experience is immediate and often reveals the need for continuous improvement. From the outset, we look to train individuals and teams by empowering them as workshop facilitators and change leaders. This means not only the effective multiplication of knowledge and skills, but also the ongoing development of certified IMTP and HR Change Leaders within the client’s organization who can continue to drive appropriate and sustainable change.

We also provide separate Discovery Workshops for the board and senior management as a first tier approach to ensure continuity of leadership, to lead by example and to experience the discovery process themselves as leaders. This sends a strong signal to an organization’s community as regards a “Culture of Ownership”.

Module 1 (3 days):

  • Communication skills and the responsibilities of individual team colleagues
  • Self-Disclosure, openness to feedback and perceptions of others
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Change Leadership and the role of trust
  • Reflection on own behavior and that of team colleagues

Module 3 (3 days) :

  • Coach approach to Change Leadership
  • Leading by setting goals
  • Dealing with conflicts and mediating solutions
  • Monitoring results and leading sustainable change within teams

Module 2 (3 days):

  • Change Leadership and social competencies
  • Creating a team out of a group of colleagues
  • Dealing with resistance and blockages in a structured, systematic way
  • The Change Leader’s role as facilitator of teams
  • Working virtually and maintaining ownership


Module 4 (2 days)

  • Change Leadership Certification

History of the Innovation Management Training Programme (IMTP)

Harri Korsten


At the end of 1999, Harald Korsten, creator and owner of the Motiv Innovation Network Group, was contracted by the Institute of German Economy (IW) to develop training in innovation skills for the heads of institutes merged in an initiative to stimulate innovation in the German economy. Thereupon he developed a training concept covering all requirements to manage an innovation process. It was shown that the training process was unique, as an IW-comparison with other competitors showed. This first version stood the test in the following months and became the prototype of today’s training.

It is now almost 11 years in which hundreds of managers and trainers have been trained in innovation capabilities. Still, the content is constantly updated and the training methods are continuously refined. The training is still unique in covering the entire innovation process – this is the result of interim research by the Swiss Railway Company and by Prof Dr Geissler, H. Schmidt – University of Hamburg, who accomplished a comparative study by order of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Here, he stated we were the market leaders in the advanced field of innovation management, qualitatively and quantitatively.

This award and the response of our participants, encourages us to continue the Kaizen approach, the “Path of persistent Steps”, to constantly improve our work.

A Unique proposition

  • According to independent research (see above), we provide the only training that focuses on the management of innovative processes and covers the skills & competences for this purpose completely.
  • Interval Training: Continuous didactical development allows our course the compression to 11 days of attendance – 3×3 training days and two days Certification Workshop within four-month period
  • Simultaneous learning at the procedural and at the behavioral level, which is crucial to a real understanding of innovative processes
  • Clearly defined roles: experts / coaches / mentors / decision makers / moderators / facilitators / supervisors
  • Simulation of operational project management, thus delivering the best possible practical relevance
  • Interaction wherever possible
  • Practical relevance from start: Permanent reverence of the acquired knowledge to its implementation in everyday life
  • The graduates will also be certified by Prof Dr H. Geissler, H. Schmidt – University Hamburg
  • After the training, optional: Virtual Transfer Coaching on how to implement the newly acquired skills.