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Gender Awareness

Sustainable Communication

Change Evolution has an ongoing dedicated commitment to sustainable communication in all that we do both internally and externally.  With this in mind we have made a very deliberate choice in the training and coaching methodologies we use either with the “Innovation Management Training Programme” which forms the foundation of our change leadership series certified through our partners, “The Motive Innovation Network Group” or our choice of methods such as Otto Sharmers “Theory U” and “The Presencing Institute”

Communication Critical

Through our team and organisational workshops, it’s critical that communication is sustainable and that not just hearts and minds are engaged but the willingness of individuals and teams collectively be enrolled in the process of responsibility and ownership.

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Discovery Workshops

At the heart of the Change Evolution Academy lives the why we are committed to delivering innovative behavioral performance training and coaching. Why is it important that our training can be challenged to be sustainable in its delivery? Or to put it another way,  why would you, your team and your organisation look for a solution that couldn’t guarantee behavioral sustainability? Or would you, at least knowingly?

Hopefully not…

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