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Training & Coaching for the Professional

Our training and coaching programmes are designed to cater for both individual and team development. Open workshops and individual coaching provide a unique opportunity for the professional wishing to develop communication and leadership skills. You could be an existing trainer or coach, a manager or leader within an organization, or, someone looking for the next step in a developing career. Whatever your motivation, should it be further development or a possible change in direction from your existing path, we will support you in the direction you wish to take and more importantly help you to establish a concrete goal to achieve your aims. You may enroll in any of our existing programmes and workshops however if you would like a free consultation to understand more, you may contact us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

Change Evolutions Sustainable Training & Coaching Service include:


  • Consulting
  • Discovery Workshops both public and specific to individuals and organisations
  • Change Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Change Leadership Training & Coaching (Certification, train the trainer)
  • Strategic Planning Workshops (Including “Management Control & Reporting Systems-MCRS)
  • Virtual coaching

  • Strategic concepts, planning & implementation
  • Operational performance
  • Economic stability
  • Social development and continuity
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship
  • Cultural awareness & development within HR and beyond
  • Behavioral competence & emotional intelligence
  • Specific process improvement
  • Technology innovations, solution identification and implementation