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Change Evolution’s Sustainable HR Training & Coaching Service Strategy is designed to deliver a series of services to HR specialists and organizational management that enables, empowers and supports Sustainable HR environments. For the purpose of this strategy, we define “Sustainable HR” on multiple levels, this includes but is not limited to the ongoing sustainable development and delivery of:


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Change Evolutions Sustainable HR Training & Coaching Service include:


  • Consulting
  • HR Discovery Workshops both public and specific to individual organisations
  • HR Change Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Change Leadership Training & Coaching (Certification, train the trainer)
  • Strategic Planning Workshops (Including “Management Control & Reporting Systems-MCRS)
  • Virtual coaching

  • Strategic concepts, planning & implementation
  • Operational performance
  • Economic stability
  • Social development and continuity
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship
  • Cultural awareness & development within HR and beyond
  • Behavioral competence & emotional intelligence
  • Process improvement including all required HR & Learning and Development needs
  • Technology innovations, solution identification and implementation

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