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Our Gender Awareness Programme and Workshops (GAP) provide a challenging opportunity for women and men wishing to develop healthy behaviour’s that support and endorse gender equality on all levels both personally and professionally. GAP workshops are action-based, participants are constantly interacting with their peers and colleagues. At the same time, essential space is given to self-reflection and the ongoing development of self-awareness. This together with peer and trainer feedback leads to personal self-development, greater gender awareness, interaction and improves the capacity for personal change leadership.

GAP Workshops are designed to practically support participants in crystalizing their thought and behavioural processes, this in turn removes the fear of having to have the “right answer” immediately to hand. Our participants all have one very important common interest “Equality for all”, in other words men and women are treated fairly. GAP workshops are designed to train, coach and mentor people interested in personal and professional development specifically in the areas of effective communication, team work, conflict management and change leadership development. Participants may focus on any area of their life’s where effective communication is important to them where they would like to set concrete goals and actions to achieve greater wellbeing.

For Business and Society


Our Gender Awareness Workshops are based on the existing “Discovery Workshop” process and applied to establishing a greater understanding of issues faced by women and men in society today.


These issues and potential opportunities are designed to address the following areas:


  • Professional environments
  • Communities
  • School’s
  • Families
  • Individuals with regard to gender awareness.
  • Workshops are divided into two groups of men and women where each group will discover their own perspectives
  • The second workshop will work with the outputs from the workshops with a view to collective thinking and solutions

Workshop goals

By the end of this workshop you will have identified gender issues facing you today. You will have begun to re-frame your gender and its relationship to the female/male gender with a view to greater cooperation and equality including the setting of mutually beneficial concrete goals and actions towards equality. You will be able to identify core resources and gender critical threats and opportunities within your personal and professional life to enable and empower tactical and strategic participants and partners without which your life, goal’s and or actions depend. This will enable you to create and implement concrete gender equality goals and actions as part of a universal approach to delivering outstanding measurable results. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to deliver a practical approach able to adapt organically to real world gender needs and demands both personally and professionally.

The Mission & Vision of the Gender Awareness Programme

Is to pioneer innovative and practical gender awareness training and coaching to both genders whilst prioritising the needs of females and womanhood as a whole regardless of outside influences. Implicit in our mission is to continuously empower and enable womanhood to embrace ownership for an on-going emerging future in harmony with men. Critical to our mission is to ensure gender behavioural awareness opportunities for change empower and enable men and women towards the acceptance of equality, diversity, culture and specific gender differences with a view to creating a better world for all to live.


Is to bring equality to both genders around the world whilst being sensitive and compassionate to the needs of those who continue to suffer discrimination and bigotry due to gender in all it’s forms.

Gender Awareness Workshop for HR Professionals

The Change Evolution Academy Gender Awareness Workshop for HR professionals is designed to empower HR specialists with opportunities to:


  • Identifying core gender issues faced by HR and your organisation
  • Experience first hand our Gender Awareness Training & Coaching
  • Develop tactical and strategic solutions towards greater equality, diversity, and productivity.
  • Discover the importance of Gender Awareness is and the benefits it can bring to your organisation.
  • Explore why Gender Awareness isn’t “Just a woman’s issue, so why bother?”


Theme of the workshop

  • Structured around HR participants taking an active role as protagonists for gender awareness and leadership as prominent figures in any given situation regarding gender roles.
  • The workshop is laid out in chapters; every chapter will have the outputs of a flip/s set out organically as the day progresses.
  • Participants will begin the transition of consciously writing their own story with the sole purpose of being responsible for influencing their respective outcomes.